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  1. On July 3, 2016 Pentag髇 Jr . defeated Pyscho Clown to win the AAA Latin American Championship.
  2. The AAA Latin American Championship was also defended on the show along with the AAA World Tag Team Championship and " La Copa Tripleman韆 ".
  3. On August 15, 2010, at " Guerra de Titanes ", Wagner Jr . lost the AAA Latin American Championship to L . A . Park.
  4. On July 23 AAA announced that Pentag髇 Jr . would defend the AAA Latin American Championship against Johnny Mundo, acknowledging that the two had faced off before as part of Lucha Underground.
  5. On June 16, Park made an appearance for AAA at Tripleman韆 XXI to present Blue Demon, Jr . with the AAA Latin American Championship belt and officially announce his departure from the promotion.


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