abbot rupertの例文


  1. From the later 17th century however more favourable circumstances allowed the development and refurbishment of the premises in the Baroque style, principally associated at Gleink with Abbot Rupert II Freysauf von Neudegg ( 1709 & ndash; 1735 ).
  2. By 1959, Abbot Rupert Hall of the by-then independent Ealing Abbey, was concerned that Orchard's ambitions for the school exceeded the financial capability of the monastic community, and requested that Orchard resign his position as headmaster in 1960.
  3. Their names are not Irish .  In the 12th century, Abbot Rupert of Duitz ( " Rupertus Tuitiensis " ), author of the " Acts " of the saint, was of the opinion that Eliphius and his siblings were natives of Toul.


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