abbot samsonの例文


  1. The whole surviving Jewish community was immediately thereafter expelled from the town by order of Abbot Samson.
  2. A hospital at Babwell, and a free school for poor scholars, were also the gifts of Abbot Samson to the townspeople.
  3. Davis's first substantial scholarly work, his edition of " The Kalendar of Abbot Samson " ( see list of works below ), was suggested to him by Galbraith.
  4. His idealised vision of the past is based on the chronicle of the English monk Jocelyn de Brakelond ( died 1211 ), who described the life of the abbot Samson of Tottington and his monks of Bury St . Edmund s monastery.
  5. Thomas Carlyle's'book " Past and Present ", which contrasted medieval and modern culture, used Tomlin's edition of Jocelyn as its principal source, making a hero of Abbot Samson, one of the main figures in Jocelyn's narrative.


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