1. A daughter, Marie-Antoinette de Barth, became Mother Edmond-Paul, Abbotess of the Cistercian nuns of Notre-Dame-de-la-Misericorde at Koenigsbruck Abbey in the Forest of Haguenau.
  2. Theoleptos remained in his see for forty years until his death, and played a decisive role in the affairs of the city during this period, most notably leading the city's successful defence against a Arsenite faction in 1310, resulting in a schism between himself and the Patriarchate of Constantinople that lasted until ca . 1319 . Theoleptos maintained close ties with the influential Choumnos family : the statesman and scholar Nikephoros Choumnos composed an eulogy on Theoleptos'death, while the metropolitan served as spiritual advisor to Nikephoros'daughter, Irene Choumnaina, the founder and abbotess of the monastery of Christ Philanthropos in Constantinople.


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