abbots bromley school for girlsの例文


  1. Lowe married Harriet Duke Coleridge of Ottery St Mary, Devon, whose sister Alice Mary Coleridge played a major part in the setting up of Abbots Bromley School for Girls.
  2. Her personal example and influence on her god-daughter, Alice Mary Coleridge, played a formative role in Coleridge's zeal for women's education and thus, indirectly, led to the foundation of Abbots Bromley School for Girls.
  3. The village is also the home of one of the original Woodard Schools, and the first in the Woodard Group for girls Abbots Bromley School ( formerly known as Abbots Bromley School for Girls and before that the School of S . Mary and S . Anne ).
  4. He was head of the Society of St Mary and John of Lichfield in union with St Nicholas'College, and directed the large schools at Denstone College and Ellesmere College for boys as well as the two Abbots Bromley schools for Girls  St Anne and later St Mary.


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