abbots creekの例文


  1. Abbots Creek and Ogden Creek join to form Back Creek, which travels for 3.7 miles ( 6 km ) to Nantuxent Cove of Delaware Bay.
  2. Forest Service crews removed fire debris from the banks of Abbot Creek, Bear Valley Creek, Bush Creek, Canyon Creek, Davis Creek, First Creek, Link Creek, and Jack Creek.
  3. Below Green Island, the stream is joined by major tributary Abbots Creek then resumes a southwest course, reaching the Pacific Ocean at Waldronville, where its outflow is a lagoon, the Kaikorai Estuary.
  4. Passing over a waterfall about later, the river passes under Woodruff Bridge, which carries Abbot Creek Road, at the Woodruff Bridge Picnic Area, which lies to the left . The river receives Abbott Creek from the right shortly thereafter and turns south.


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