abd al hamid ben badisの例文


  1. "' Mouloudia Olympic of Constantine "'( ) is an Algerian Constantine, founded in 1939 by the reformer Abd al Hamid Ben Badis.
  2. Under the dynamic leadership of Shaykh Abd al Hamid Ben Badis, the reformist ulama organized the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulema ( " Association des Ul閙a Musulmans Alg閞iens ", AUMA ) in 1931.
  3. Colonial period : Louis de Lamorici鑢e, communes de plein exercice, communes indig鑞es, Ministry of Algerian Affairs, beni-oui-oui, Adolphe Cr閙ieux, Auguste Warnier, Jules Cambon, Jeunesse Alg閞ienne, Jonnart Law, Khalid ibn Hashim, Party of the Algerian People, Federation of Elected Natives, Abd al Hamid Ben Badis, Algerian Muslim Congress, Mohamed Bendjelloul, Viollette Plan, Georges Catroux, ratissage, Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties, Organic Statute of Algeria, Larbi Ben M'Hidi, Mourad Didouch, Moustafa Ben Boulaid, Mohamed Khider, External Delegation in Cairo


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