abd al kuriの例文


  1. Much of Abd al Kuri is semi-desert with little vegetation.
  2. "' Abd al Kuri "'( ) is a rocky island about 65 miles ( 105 km ) southwest of Socotra in the Indian Ocean.
  3. On July 1, 2006, the Somali seafaring vessel " Mariam IV " sank off the coast of Abd al Kuri . 16 of the 19 crew members survived, and complications followed when the citizens of Kilmia would not allow the use of their own radio.
  4. The archipelago consists of the main island of Socotra ( ), the three smaller islands of Abd al Kuri, Samhah and Darsa, as well as small rock outcrops like Ka'l Fir'awn and Sbkn + yah that are uninhabitable by humans but important for seabirds.


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