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  1. Abdullah ibn Aamir sent Abd al Rahman / AbdurRahman ibn Sumra to undertake the operation.
  2. Unidentified Man Off Camera : Abd Al Rahman Al-( Ghamri ) said he saw a vision, before the operation, a plane crashed into a tall building.
  3. The Sabil-Kuttab of'Abd al Rahman Katkhuda of 1744 was named for its patron, a Mamluk " amir " ( prince ) and leader of the Egyptian mosque.
  4. Once Zaranj was captured Abd al Rahman marched into Afghanistan and conquered it into north up to Kabul . after this campaign Abdullah set his eyes toward Khorasan
  5. Abd al Rahman al Nuaymi, a Qatari citizen, worked as a go-between of ISIS s predecessor, Al-Qaeda in Iraq ( AQI ), with donors to AQI from Qatar.


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