abd ar rahman gwarangaの例文


  1. In the south-east of Lake Chad, he attacked the Baguirmi Kingdom in 1892, blaming the " Mbang " ( king ) Abd ar Rahman Gwaranga for having signed a protectorate with the French.
  2. In October 1897 he convinced the Sultan Abd ar Rahman Gwaranga to sign a treaty of alliance which gave France a protectorate over the Kingdom of Baguirmi, which was then threatened by Rabih az-Zubayr, the most powerful ruler in the Chad basin.
  3. Against them the Bretonnet mission was no match : it consisted of five Frenchmen ( the officers Bretonnet, Braun, Durand-Autier, Martin ), 44 Senegalese tirailleurs, two Arabs, 20 armed Bakongos, 3 cannons and 400 Baguirmians led by Abd ar Rahman Gwaranga.


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