absent herself fromの例文


  1. Nevertheless, the doctor advised her to take a rest and absent herself from office work.
  2. Leslie, though beautiful, is uppity, refusing to absent herself from political conversations that are the rightful province of the male.
  3. Indeed, the evidence was so demeaning that the Queen did usually absent herself from the chamber, though she went to the House of Lords.
  4. Attendance may not be required by official decree, yet it is apparent that a student is not free to absent herself from the graduation exercise in any real sense of the term " voluntary, " for absence would require forfeiture of those intangible benefits which have motivated the student through youth and all her high school years . 505 U . S . 577, 595.
  5. In fact, the only character of any depth or warmth is Patricia Arquette's Nancy, who increasingly _ and wisely _ absents herself from the proceedings, which is to her credit but the audience's loss : If it weren't for Arquette's focus and spirit, " Flirting With Disaster " would be infuriating rather than merely disappointing.


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