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  1. at first , o-oku was the shogun ' s private residence and the shogun had absolute authority in edo-jo castle .
  2. the official power of kanpaku did not have the final authority , and the position only assisted the emperor who had the absolute authority .
  3. therefore , sometime a wet nurse or concubine of the shogun at that time were trusted to administer the inner part of the house based on the shogun ' s absolute authority .
  4. tenpo was the bakufu ' s absolute authority over all the daimyo during the edo period , so the failure in 1840 of changing three daimyo ' s territories one another at the same time symbolized the diminishing authority of the bakufu .
  5. in the course of time feudal lords were gradually detached from the people and handed down their dominance as the absolute authority; however , some lords were better or so excellent that they were admired as wise rulers and became legends .


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