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  1. "And HP's absolute dimensions make year-to-year comparisons ever tougher as time progresses ."
  2. What I'm discovering as I travel the world, is that for women, power is an absolute dimension of physical health.
  3. The 1992 Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines ( ADAAG ) stated that there was to be an absolute dimension of 1?" between a handrail and a wall.
  4. Joy also discovered the Doppler displacement of the spectral lines of stars to determine their radial velocities deducing a star's absolute dimensions, masses, and the orbital elements of some specific stars.
  5. Parameters evaluated include size ( measured in absolute dimensions solvent-accessible surface area ( SASA ) ), shape, complementarity between surfaces, residue interface propensities, hydrophobicity, segmentation and secondary structure, and conformational changes on complex formation.


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