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  1. For example, Yimithirr only uses absolute directions when describing spatial relations  the position of everything is described by using the cardinal directions.
  2. Absolute direction control is important for computer controlled layouts so that, after power off, locomotives will restart in the previously controlled direction.
  3. That current is in the same absolute direction as the actual antenna if the antenna is vertically oriented ( and thus vertically polarized ) but opposite the actual antenna if the antenna current is horizontal.
  4. If you drop a heavy object, it falls toward the center of the Earth, and that's the direction we call " down " . " Down " is not the same absolute direction for people at different places on the Earth's surface.
  5. On a broader scale, there was a change in absolute direction of the Pacific plate ( marked by the end of the bend in the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain ), and a change in the convergence of the Kula plate with the North American plate.


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