absolute interestの例文


  1. It is the absolute interest of every capitalist to press a given quantity of labour out of a smaller, rather than a greater number of labourers, if the cost is about the same.
  2. In January 2012, the U . S . Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association unanimously recommended that government debt be allowed to auction even lower, at negative absolute interest rates.
  3. Finally, it is only appropriate to point out, as if it were a natural and absolute interest of SADE, to maintain the confidentiality about the problems they were rising up on possible non-use of the Vajont basin, as if the news had become public knowledge value of its shares would certainly depreciated greatly.
  4. I have, by my own act, made myself absolute master of the estates, but I think it just to continue the succession in the same manner : this I do by my will, and I trust to your justice to do the like .  If this were his meaning, it is consistent with an intention that each successor should take from his immediate predecessor, by gift proceeding from a sense of justice, or by descent from the same motive, an absolute interest in the estates; and that the continuance in the line designated should be provided for in that way.


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