absolute isolationの例文


  1. Midway through the year, seeking even more seclusion, he edged into absolute isolation on BLM land in New Mexico.
  2. The Web, in fact, relies on the breakdown of bounds between private and public; it creates a sense of a large community as well as absolute isolation.
  3. USSR, China, Vietnam, Burma etc . With these successes loudly proclaimed by the US Government, who do they continue to insist on the absolute isolation of Cuba?
  4. "Cast Away " became a smash hit largely because Hanks drew viewers inside his skin and made them live the despondency of a man in absolute isolation.
  5. On 29 January 1751, Flottwell wrote that although Knutzen had inherited first 10, 000 then a further 15, 000 Thaler, " this philosopher was always in a bad mood, had no social contacts and lived in absolute isolation ".


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