absolute jestの例文


  1. Fantasy-Overture, followed by another release in August 2015-a live audio recording of " Absolute Jest " and " Grand Pianola Music " by John Adams.
  2. The album contains the first-ever recording of " Absolute Jest ", originally commissioned by the SF Symphony and premiered in 2012 during the orchestra's " American Mavericks " festival.
  3. Reviewing a recording of the work, Andrew Clements of " The Guardian " compared it unfavorably to Adams's " Grand Pianola Music ", writing, " " Absolute Jest ", though, is much harder to admire.
  4. However, Mark Swed of the " Los Angeles Times " gave the piece a more positive review, writing, " With Beethoven bits bouncing off the walls, " Absolute Jest " has all the chugging rhythmic and contrapuntal complexity expected of Adams.
  5. The clarity of the solo quartet's role was often buried beneath the orchestral activity resulting in what sounded to me too much like'chatter .'And the necessity of slowing down Beethoven's tempo of the Opus 131 scherzo in order to make certain orchestral passages negotiable detracted from it vividness and breathless energy . " The composer thus began re-writing the opening of " Absolute Jest " six months after its world premiere, resulting in 400 bars of completely new material.


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