abundance curveの例文


  1. That r-process abundance curve ( vs . atomic weight ) gratifyingly resembles computations of abundances synthesized by the physical process.
  2. An unexpected result of the UNTB is that at very large sample sizes, predicted relative species abundance curves describe the metacommunity and become identical to Fisher's logseries.
  3. The Unified Theory unifies " biodiversity ", as measured by species-abundance curves, with " biogeography ", as measured by species-area curves.
  4. The result of tag sequencing has been to produce orders of magnitude larger estimates of OTUs present in ecosystems, producing a long tail on species abundance curves ( Patterson, 2009 ) ( Pedr髎-Al韔, 2007 ).
  5. They were also able using theoretical production calculations to construct more quantitative apportionment between s-process and r-process of the abundance table of heavy isotopes, thereby establishing a more reliable abundance curve for the r-process isotopes than B 2 FH had been able to define.


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