abundant harvestの例文


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  1. with prayers and gratitude for an abundant harvest of hassaku .
    ・八朔の豊作の祈願と 収穫のお礼を
  2. initially , daikokuten was worshipped as a deity of destruction and abundant harvest .
  3. this represents an ear of rice , and is meant to pray for an abundant harvest .
  4. later the destructive aspect dropped away to leave only the abundant harvest aspect , which is how daikokuten , known as " daikokusama ," became the god presiding over food and wealth , and was counted one of the seven shichifukujin .
  5. shichikozan ajari – especially at enryaku-ji temple , mt . ibuki , and atago-jinja shrine (kyoto city ), one who has received a designation from the imperial court and has been given an imperial command to pray in a temple that conducts ceremonies to pray for abundant harvest , and works as an officiating monk;
    七高山阿闍梨(しちこうざんあじゃり) 延暦寺・伊吹山・愛宕神社 (京都市)など特に朝廷から指定を受けて五穀豊穣を祈る儀式を行う寺院において祈願の勅命を与えられて導師を務める者がなる。


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