abuse of corpseの例文


  1. This could be abuse of corpse, not necessarily a homicide,
  2. Marsh was expected to plead guilty Friday to theft and abuse of corpse charges as part of a plea deal in which he will serve no more than 12 years in prison.
  3. Reed's death remained unsolved for 20 years, until the case was reopened in 2005 by the Schuylkill Haven evidence tampering, and abuse of corpse, among other offenses.
  4. The Tennessee charges that will be filed include an abuse of corpse charge that applies to anyone who " physically mistreats a corpse in a manner offensive to the sensibilities of an ordinary person, " officials said.
  5. A source close to the case told the AP on Tuesday that Marsh will plead guilty to theft and abuse of corpse charges and be sentenced to 12 years in prison with credit for seven months he spent in jail.


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