abuse of indulgencesの例文


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  1. He had preached as early as 1514 against the abuse of indulgences and the way they cheapened grace rather than requiring true repentance.
  2. Krantz generally agreed with Martin Luther's protest against the abuse of indulgences, but refused Luther's theses on his deathbed in December 1517.
  3. With Martin Luther's protest against the abuse of Indulgences he was in general sympathy, but with the reformer's later attitude he could not agree.
  4. By the late Middle Ages, the abuse of indulgences, mainly through commercialization, had become a serious problem which the Church recognized but was unable to restrain effectively.
  5. Justification by faith was, in essence, a response to the abuse of Indulgences prior to the Reformation, and I do not believe was ever meant to stand completely alone, even by Martin Luther.


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