abuse of justiceの例文


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  1. The military would not permit any further abuse of justice, the Democratic Party said in its statement.
  2. The trial in Shiraz, 885 kilometers ( 550 miles ) south of Tehran, was internationally condemned as an abuse of justice.
  3. The editor of the paper from Botosani, some 400 kilometers ( 250 miles ) northeast of Bucharest, called the sentencing " an abuse of justice ."
  4. "No conviction which represents typical Nazi abuse of justice will any longer be valid, " said Horst Eylmann, the chairman of a parliamentary panel that drew up the new law.
  5. The protesters, carrying signs that read, " Priests are the ministers of God and are untouchable, " demanded that the federal government intervene to end what they called an abuse of justice by Chiapas authorities.


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