1. He was considered mediocre , and his rival , fujiwara no sanesuke , abusively described him as a ' total illiterate (a person who does not know anything )' in shoyuki (the diary of fujiwara no sanesuke ).
  2. The meiji government issued the edict of separation of shinto and buddhism by dajokan (grand council of state ) in march 1868 , and the imperial edict for establishment of shinto in 1870 , although they did not intend to exclude buddhism , shinto priests who were oppressed by the priests attached to jingu-ji temple abusively destroyed buddha statues and buddhist objects , and the people who felt being exploited by the temple under the danka (parishioner ) system joined the movement then it led to the haibutsu-kishaku movement in various places .
  3. Reportedly , ' seeing a magnificent carriage sent by hongan-ji temple , inoue rushed to the temple , saying " how dare those who ask for the deposition of the debts allow themselves such luxuries ," heard financial status from concerned people from nine in the morning to six in the evening , and , with dinner served , he suddenly exploded with anger , abusively saying " how can we eat the dinner if we consider that the dinner is made from offering of good men and good women saving every single grain ." '


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