acceptable deviationsの例文


  1. Protracted conflict through the seventeenth century with more radical Protestants on the one hand and Catholics who recognised the primacy of the Pope on the other, resulted in an association of churches that were both deliberately vague about doctrinal principles, yet bold in developing parameters of acceptable deviation.
  2. Of the 20 % ( 127 clubs ) that made a loss, for just under half of these ( 60 clubs or 9 % ) the net loss was within the acceptable deviation ( below ?5 million ) permitted by UEFA FFP guidelines, while 8 % ( 54 clubs ) had a net loss greater than the permissible ?5 million threshold but still below the ?45 million loss threshold where the club's owner is required to cover the addition ?40 net loss with an infusion of equity in order to satisfy UEFA FFP compliance.


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