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  1. If the readers are regularly cleaned, then an acceptable level of reliability may be achieved.
  2. This reduction in storage created problems in meeting the Bloemfontein demand at an acceptable level of reliability and as a result, the 50 m high Knellpoort Dam was completed in 1988.
  3. Also, the council is forming an investigative task force of technical experts, which Dintelman said will prepare a report to include recommendations for any changes to maintain " an acceptable level of reliability ."
  4. As has been submitted in to evidence, Phil claims that " " Unless the story got picked up nationally or widely reported, one-off local news stories do not provide acceptable levels of reliability . ""
  5. The Bordeaux power system costs about three times as much as a conventional overhead wire system, and took 24 months to achieve acceptable levels of reliability, requiring replacement of all the main cables and power supplies.


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