accepted dataの例文


  1. McIDAS accepted data from a number of sources.
  2. Gronert claims that his model successfully reproduces accepted data without invoking hyperconjugation and can perhaps explain well-established trends.
  3. The best case for ImClone would be if the agency accepted data from a trial already being conducted by Merck, which has the European rights to Erbitux and which was also at the meeting Tuesday.
  4. The consortium of 17 companies, in a behind-the-lines sortie, announced Sunday a cooperative effort to create universally accepted data exchange standards to streamline home buying and selling for both consumers and real estate professionals.
  5. Until now, he said, the agency has accepted data from studies lasting just 12 weeks to show that hormone therapies relieve the symptoms of menopause, with the women being followed for perhaps a year longer to assess the drugs'safety.


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