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  1. Of course google hits is not proof of notability but it is an accepted indicator . talk ) 20 : 57, 3 July 2010 ( UTC)
  2. :Right, I'm off down the working men's club to tell'em how " hallmarks " are the accepted indicator of purity, proper provenance, and genuinely radical motivations.
  3. Although studies in murine myeloid precursor cell lines indicated YPEL3 to have a role in apoptosis, human YPEL3 failed to demonstrate an apoptotic response using sub-G1 or poly ADP ribose polymerase cleavage as accepted indicators of programmed cell death.
  4. The only accepted indicator of chromium deficiency is the reversal of symptoms that occurs when chromium ( III ) supplementation is administered to hospital patients that were on total parenteral nutrition ( which lacked chromium ( III ) ) for an extensive period of time.
  5. A later and not so widely accepted indicator is the orientation of the seed, which should be pointing vertically by an etrog, except if it was strained by its neighbors; by a lemon and hybrids they are positioned horizontally even when there is enough space.


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