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  1. Recognition of the appropriate tRNA by the synthetases is not mediated solely by the anticodon, and the acceptor stem often plays a prominent role.
  2. Crystal structures of tRNA revealed the presence of two extended helices that result from coaxial stacking of the amino-acid acceptor stem with the T-arm, and stacking of the D-and anticodon-arms.
  3. Subsequent sequence comparison revealed the full tRNA-like domain ( TLD ) formed by the 5'and 3'ends of tmRNA, including the acceptor stem with elements like those in alanine tRNA that promote its aminoacylation by alanine-tRNA ligase.
  4. A prominent feature of every tmRNA is the conserved tRNA-like domain ( TLD ), composed of helices 1, 12, and 2a ( analogs of the tRNA acceptor stem, T-stem and variable stem, respectively ), and containing the 5'monophosphate and alanylatable 3'CCA ends.
  5. When a tRNA with a complete [ ? ] CCA sequence at its acceptor stem is bound to the A site, C74 of the tRNA stacking with U2590 ( 2555 ) induces a conformational change in the ribosome, resulting in movement of U2541 ( 2506 ), U2620 ( 2585 ) through G2618 ( 2583 ).


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