accident insurance associationの例文


  1. Providing coverage in the public sector are the municipal accident insurance associations ( Gemeindeunfallversicherungsverb鋘de ) and other public-sector accident funds.
  2. The work of the trade accident insurance associations in preventing accidents is especially recognized in provisions for special rules in dangerous or unhealthy industries.
  3. For the municipal accident insurance associations and accidents funds, the contributions are based on the population, the number of insured persons, or wages and salaries . ( 1, 2, 3)
  4. The agencies in charge of providing this form of insurance are the industrial and agricultural employers'liability funds as well as public sector accident insurance funds, which include both municipal accident insurance association and other accident funds.
  5. Atwood ( 1853-1934 ), who was raised in modest circumstances, founded the Preferred Mutual Accident Insurance Association in 1885, and in the 1890s established the largest grapefruit grove in the world at the time, on the Manatee River in Florida.


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