accidental coincidenceの例文


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  1. This was not an intentional decision, but merely an accidental coincidence.
  2. The discovery occurred during tests to determine the rate of accidental coincidences between the Geiger counters of his detector.
  3. So far that trait has not been really exercised, so it is hard to know if this is another'test'of the resolve to continue the ban or just an accidental coincidence.
  4. It may be only an accidental coincidence that about the end of the 2nd century " Archon " was one of the names given by the Platonist Harpocration to the " Second God " of Numenius ( Proclus in " Tim " . 93 C ).
  5. When the intensity of the source is set to be very low, such that only one photon might be detected at any time, accounting for the fact that there might be accidental coincidences, which are statistically independent of time, the coincidence counter should not change with respect to the time difference.


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