accidental death benefitの例文


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  1. Burling said he will introduce a bill offering the 11 families $ 90, 000 each in additional accidental death benefits.
  2. Montantes's two children will receive $ 50, 000 from a state accidental death benefit that all fight promoters in Nevada must carry.
  3. Under Nevada regulations, boxers are covered for dlrs 50, 000 in medical expenses stemming from a fight, and have a dlrs 50, 000 accidental death benefit.
  4. Linda Benge of Houston is challenging a state agency's decision that made her ineligible for $ 271, 000 in accidental death benefits in addition to the $ 171, 000 she didcollect in term life benefits.
  5. A couple weeks ago, the doctor sent a letter to the state Public Employee Retirement Board indicating he had reviewed the records and, in his opinion, " the family is not entitled to accidental death benefits on a cardiac basis in this case ."


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