accidental movementの例文


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  1. A rope lock is typically padlocked to prevent accidental movement of the set.
  2. This reduces the impact of gravity on swallowing, allowing for easy expulsion of the bolus by gagging, decreasing accidental movement of the food into the pharynx.
  3. A second potential mechanism for accidental movement of infected fish is the international trade in ornamental or aquarium fishes, which includes the global trade of approximately 5000 freshwater and 1450 saltwater fishes.
  4. In the last 100 years, the modernization of transport, means of communication, and new trade routes has increased international and accidental movement of exotic species to unprecedented levels ( Burgie et al . 2006;.
  5. This " Deluxe Edition " will include more up-to-date astronomical data, a magnetic Fuel Tank Card ( preventing the accidental movement of its metal markers ), vibrantly modernized graphics, and enhanced gameplay.


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