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  1. The absence of an article about it on WP must be an accidental omission.
  2. The lack of " ch ", as well as the few other consonants found in French, may merely be an accidental omission due to the small sample of vocabulary.
  3. The words of the original " je eusse cest livret mis en latin . . . mais . . . je l'ay mis en rMmant " were mistranslated as if " je eusse " meant " I had " instead of " I should have ", and then ( whether of fraudulent intent or by the error of a copyist thinking to supply an accidental omission ) the words were added " and translated it aen out of Frensche into Englyssche . " M鋞zner seems to have been the first to show that the current English text cannot possibly have been made by Mandeville himself.
  4. This was met by threats on my talk page, stating that my accidental omission to login would next time " result in further action that may result in your being blocked, " later adding " Having reverted once logged out ( as you acknowledge above ) and three times logged in, you have now violated WP : 3RR, and refuse to abide by WP : BRD, which requires an article be left at status quo during discussion ( if you can call that squabbling session on the talk page a discussion . ) You also refuse to abide by WP : NPA not only with me, but with other editors.
  5. As example, Frizzelle provided the roster from the mainland portion of the European tour : " Annemat, Atomika, B . Q . ( whose band name is Red Dot, but no one calls her that ), Bluer Than You, Bookworm, Brassbelle, D . P . Punkass ( " My whole name is Dread Pirate Punkass, but in print I like to be D . P . Punkass " ), DK Pan, Flash, Grey Filastine, Hawtpantz, Ice Frog, In Phase, Megor, Mildred, Mr . Rose, the Professor, Ramon, Satsuma, Skunk, Spider, and Violet . " [ With accidental omission of mc sub-zero permafrost ].


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