accidental operationの例文


  1. These require a key to operate and so discourage casual or accidental operation of the switch.
  2. Five men were killed and 11 wounded in the incident; an investigation revealed that the override switch was faulty and prone to accidental operation.
  3. This however will keep the touch screen active and accidental operation of the phone keys in a call may occur when device is used as a handset.
  4. Some switches are used to isolate electric power from a system, providing a visible point of isolation that can be padlocked if necessary to prevent accidental operation of a machine during maintenance, or to prevent electric shock.
  5. The N900's proximity sensor, which is designed to lock the touch screen when the phone is against the user's ear to prevent accidental operation, locks the screen unintentionally in bright light ( usually outdoors ) when a call is placed or received.


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