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  1. At the same time, the process would provide a check on accidental resemblances through the sheer number of languages under review.
  2. Unlike other attempts at a phonetic English character ( such as that of Alexander Gil ), Robinson's alphabet breaks entirely free from the basis of the Roman alphabet, using characters that bear only an accidental resemblance to Roman letters, while having a systematic relation to each other.
  3. No alien species that can be played by humans in facial prostheses and bad make-up, no accidental resemblance of all alien languages to English dialect or period accents, no time travel, no FTL travel, no artificial gravity plating, no interbreeding with life from other planets, no transporters.
  4. The columns possess a slenderness and delicacy inspired by those of the Renaissance court of Wawel Castle in Krak體, while the huge 420-foot spire that will be erected next to the basilica bears more than an accidental resemblance to the Baroque spire that adorns the Jasna Gora monastery of Czestochowa, home of the Black Madonna.
  5. The divine power seems originally to have designed Demosthenes and Cicero upon the same plan, giving them many similarities in their natural characters, as their passion for distinction and their love of liberty in civil life, and their want of courage in dangers and war, and at the same time also to have added many accidental resemblances.


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