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  1. Although it is generally an open floor plan, rooms could also be closed off with accordion doors for privacy.
  2. Most of the nearly 500 mourners who packed the church, spilling through a set of opened accordion doors into an adjacent cafeteria, did not know Whitfield, who lived in Canarsie.
  3. In a room lined with antique French paneling in an 1850s West Village town house, Walter designed accordion doors that open to reveal a 42-inch flat-screen set on a swivel arm.
  4. When they took over the place, Altherr and his brother, Bob, tinkered like mad scientists with the electrical control panel to restart the 70-year-old Otis elevator, which has an accordion door.
  5. Half of the third floor housed a cafeteria for building employees, while the other half was a general assembly room for conferences and connected to the cafeteria with accordion doors which could effectively double the space if needed.


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