accounting auditの例文


  1. The office was thus, in the beginning, not a senior rank governmental position, but merely an accounting audit charge.
  2. Brown's campaign platform called for a GBI investigation of the jail administration, reorganization of the sheriff's reservist program, installation of merit hiring procedures and a private accounting audit.
  3. But such private sessions are the only suitable place, governance experts say, for independent directors to discuss sensitive matters like evaluations of the chief executive, takeover valuations and special accounting audits.
  4. Just as shrewd leaders use accounting audits to see how financially healthy their organizations are, so too can they use personal leader audits to find out how robust their leadership is and to assess whether they are drifting toward disaster.
  5. In a May 1994 letter to Donald Reaves, Brown's vice president of finance and administration, Keller congratulated Reaves on his " brilliant " idea of having Coppola's transfer " precede and serve as an explanation for the accounting audit ."


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