accounting officeの例文


  1. i talked to the accounting office yesterday and they said you'd be receiving your higher rates ofpay by next month .
    来月までには昇給分を 支払うと―― 昨日 ヒューストンの 経理が言っていたよ
  2. in may , he was appointed kaikeikan hanji (a magistrate of accounting office ), and ordered to work at osaka prefecture as kaikeikan hanji in june .
  3. shinpei was appointed one of the six accounting office judges under the kami (director ) of edodhindai (the civil court in edo ) which was established by the new government after the dust of the boshin war had settled , and he was responsible for government policy , accounting , finances and urban issues .
  4. he was assigned to the chief of accountancy in january of the following year , 1868 , at the same time , transferred to toku (captain ) of the accounting office in february , gon chunagon (a provisional vice-councilor of state ) and shusshi (supernumerary government official ) of finance office in leap april , and the governor of finance office in august .


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