accuracy of machiningの例文


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  1. The advance in the accuracy of machine tools can be traced to Henry Maudslay and refined by Joseph Whitworth.
  2. Industry officials say the accuracy of machines like those used in several pivotal Florida counties commonly ranges from 99 to 99.9 percent.
  3. It's modern and brash-sounding; and such is the nature of electronic music that it comes from machines and it needs the rhythmical accuracy of machines.
  4. In the Ishida and Matsubara lab of Kyoto University, methods of improving the accuracy of machine translation as a support tool for inter-cultural collaboration in today's globalized society are being studied.
  5. In Florida, lawyers for Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov . George W . Bush have argued over the accuracy of machine tallies of votes and whether partially indented punch-card ballots count as legitimate votes.


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