accuracy of mapの例文


  1. The book, about efforts of 18th-century French astronomers to improve the accuracy of maps and measurements, is a history, not a novel.
  2. When an edge of the map was reached, the driver needed to change cassette tapes to continue benefitting from the accuracy of map-matching.
  3. I think I do have the right to question the accuracy of maps and the lectures issued by admins who seem to be trigger happy in my view.
  4. Investigators are focusing on the accuracy of maps used by the miners, who cut through the wall of an adjacent mine and sent millions of gallons of water pouring into the shafts where they were located.
  5. Liaison between divisional engineers and artillery had been poor, advanced guards had not known the importance of reporting on the condition of roads, ground and the accuracy of maps; the cavalry element of advanced guards was also criticised for hesitancy although in contrast, Charles Bean, the Australian Official Historian, concluded that the advanced troops of I Anzac Corps had been sent out on a limb.


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