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  1. Nash Sutcliffe efficiency can be used to quantitatively describe the accuracy of model outputs other than discharge.
  2. During the early 2000s the quality and accuracy of models improved dramatically, but price went up and they were sold in more upscale stores, dealerships, and through on-line mail order.
  3. Self-gravity does not typically appear as the central focus of scientific research, but understanding it and being able to include its effects mathematically increases the accuracy of models and understanding large-scale systems.
  4. Of course accuracy of any engineering, scientific or other real-life related calculation is limited by the accuracy of input data ( and by the accuracy of models, being used to analyze problems ), so too much precision is useless in them.
  5. Audrey reported that the motivation for her work was personal uncertainty about the nature and accuracy of models, estimates and assumptions used to prepare policies released with the 2014 Australian Federal Government Budget, and whether and to what extent their real world impact is assessed following implementation.


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