acey deucyの例文


  1. The Acey Deucy is a two-seat parasol-wing monoplane with vee-bracing struts on each side supporting the composite structure fabric-covered wing.
  2. A relaxed leave and liberty policy was the rule for the next six months as crew changes were made prior to the " Acey Deucy Squadron " ( DesRon 12 ) deploying to Vietnam.
  3. The Acey Deucy can be powered by a sole piston engine rated between 65 and 90 hp, the prototype had a Continental A65 air-cooled engine driving a metal two-bladed fixed-pitch propeller.
  4. "Fiske " and the rest of " Acey Deucy Squadron " rounded the northern islands of the Philippine Archipelago on 27 February, and made port at Subic Bay Naval Station, Republic of the Philippines, on 28 February.


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