acid accumulatorの例文


  1. Rehman Automobile and Electric Works, Lahore may be reckoned as pioneers in West Pakistan in the production of lead acid accumulators.
  2. A batteries were initially 2 volts, being lead acid accumulators, but with the introduction of all dry battery radios, 1.4 volts became more common.
  3. Voltage depends on the requirements of the specific light source and usually ranges from 1.2V for a single NiMH cell, to 12V for a lead-acid accumulator.
  4. The electrical power for these fuzing mechanisms and the firing mechanisms of the 72-lens, implosion device came from lead-acid accumulators located in the tail of the Blue Danube casing.
  5. :: : : : : : : : : Out of curiosity I looked at Immersion heater  12V . The manufactures are obviously assuming ( as they are entitled to ) a terminal voltage of a properly charged lead acid accumulator to be 13.7V, in order to claim a thermal power output of 200 watts.


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