acoustic curveの例文


  1. According to this paper , satisfactory results can be obtained by using maximum and minimum velocity and encircle of acoustic curves building control function to restrain seismic inversion
  2. In order to recognize low resistivity oil layers , we have used many methods , such as engraving method , resistivity curve overlapping method , density and acoustic curves overlapping method , or density , acoustic and neutron curves overlapping method , as well as quantitative interpretation method , etc
  3. Especially for matrix porosity and fracture porosity , the thesis took a way of multiple curves integrated discrimination instead of only using acoustic curve at past . during the period of the thesis research , a project about volcanic rock in liaohe basin started . so a lot of volcanic data in liaohe basin were gotten . the thesis processed and interpreted 31 volcanic rock wells and test the interpretation results with the well data which is already known


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