1. Empire Trust later assigned management of the property to one of its own subsidiaries, The Actinograph Corp ., which held it until 1948.
  2. There were many specialized slide rules for photographic applications; for example, the actinograph of Hurter and Driffield was a two-slide boxwood, brass, and cardboard device for estimating exposure from time of day, time of year, and latitude.
  3. In 1911, Arthur William Clayden M . A . ( Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and Principal of the Royal Albert Memorial University College of Exeter ) developed a version of an actinograph for meteorologists, to observe and record the change of radiation.
  4. The earliest actinographs were 24-hour recording devices, using a rotating cylinder of photographic paper exposed through a wedged-shaped slit to record a graph of actinic light during the period of a day; hence the " graph " suffix in " actinograph ".


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