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  1. This action prompts two other defectors to switch their votes back.
  2. "Every action prompts an equal and opposite reaction " : Say your daughter demands $ 300 to go to Disney with the high school band.
  3. Burdzahnadze told reporters that " when such meetings take place without notice and completely ignoring the central Georgian authorities, naturally such actions prompt serious irritation in Tbilisi ."
  4. Palpatine's increased calls for public surveillance and restriction on freedom of movement and action prompt Senators Padm?Amidala, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma to persuade him to pull back from the brink.
  5. Her actions prompt a civil war between the Southern and Northern Water Tribes, Korra afterward making a move to have General Iroh's assistance without President Raiko's authority, which Mako reveals to Raiko.


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