activated charcoalの例文


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  1. if too much activated charcoal is used , the taste of sake becomes thin .
  2. bomb sake was made by decolorizing modified fuel alcohol by activated charcoal and diluting it with water which was left over in such as air stations during the war .
  3. adjusting taste by activated charcoal filtration and making it drier by alcohol addition were off from the basic points ' to create taste by brewing .'
  4. in addition , the japanese which was written as ' 端麗 ' (tanrei ) at first changed to ' 淡麗 ' (tanrei ) from the image of sake activated charcoal filtration .
  5. on the other hand , it was the center of the echigo toji , having many workers who specialized in activated charcoal filtration called ' sumiya ' (professionals of charcoal ).


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