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  1. Lighting a fire and cooking food are among the activities prohibited on Shabbat by the written Torah.
  2. This refers to the observance of Shabbat rules among Ethiopian Jews, necessitating the avoidance of activities prohibited on Shabbat.
  3. The observant Jew does not cook, spend money, write, operate electrical devices, or carry out other activities prohibited on Shabbat.
  4. Jewish practice clearly forbids gardening, woodworking and likely fishing on the sabbath; see Activities prohibited on Shabbat .-- talk ) 21 : 30, 6 July 2008 ( UTC)
  5. The tractate primarily deals with laws relating to Shabbat ( the weekly day of rest ), and the activities prohibited on Shabbat ( the 39 prohibitions ) and distinguishes between Biblical prohibitions and Rabbinic prohibitions.


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