acute oral toxicityの例文


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  1. For mice, acute oral toxicity was moderate to high.
  2. EPA guidelines have not been developed for chronic or acute oral toxicity to adult or larval honey bees.
  3. Toxicology studies have shown that this drug has low acute oral toxicity and no significant negative effects on the CNS, cardiac, or respiratory systems.
  4. The mixture of " Tridax procumbens " and " A . sativum " extracts was better at controlling Leishmania mexicana infection while not being toxic when tested in the acute oral toxicity assay in mice.
  5. They are toxic if massive doses are ingested ( acute oral toxicity of 2 g per kg of body weight of pure putrescine in rats, a larger dose for cadaverine ); there are no effects at all for a tenth of that dose.


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