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  1. Also in 1979, Frederick Szalay and Eric Delson placed " Indraloris " in its own tribe, Indralorisini, within Adapidae.
  2. They then placed the two genera in a separate subfamily of Adapidae, called Sivaladapinae because that name was published two months before Indralorisini.
  3. "' Adapinae "'is a subfamily within the extinct primate family Adapidae primarily found in Europe until the end of the Eocene.
  4. "' Caenopithecinae "'is a subfamily within the extinct primate family Adapidae, found in Europe and northern Africa from the Eocene to the Oligocene.
  5. Early representatives of the Omomyidae and Adapidae appear suddenly at the beginning of the Eocene ( 59 mya ) in North America, Europe, and Asia, and are the earliest known crown primates.


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